Learning Curation for Module 9- Creativity in the Library Learning Commons

To respond to the readings for Week 9, I chose to organize my notes using Padlet, as suggested in Week 7 of the course. As I was reading, I made of note of anything that could apply to my LLC. We are at a point in our transition to a LLC where many of these ideas could be a reality if we pushed hard enough for the funding. As part of our five year plan, we will look at improving creativity in our library. While we want our library to be the hub of the school for reading and literacy, we also want to support collaboration and engage our students as they create their own learning paths. Connecting to my essential question, I believe that fostering creativity will help encourage authentic life-long learning.

My personal notes, key quotes, and paraphrasing notes can be found at http://padlet.com/liamoyeslarson/LLED462

I organized my notes using the free form layout so that I could clump my notes by article. I edited the web address and shared it out to my classmates using this WordPress blog and Twitter. I like how I could upload or link to pictures from the articles. Overall, I found this tool to be very easy to use and visually powerful. After watching the video in Module 7, I can see how this tool could be used interactively in the classroom by having all students contribute notes to a Padlet. My only complaint would be that I wish I could colour code my comments, but perhaps that is the type A librarian in me! I will use this tool again in the future to take notes and engage with my students.


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